Are You Interested In Maximum Return And Minimal Stress? Learn About Our Blog Feature
Teri LaBuwi

By: Teri LaBuwi on November 16th, 2018

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Are You Interested In Maximum Return And Minimal Stress? Learn About Our "Quiet Listing"

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Contributed by Teri LaBuwi, Agent with The Eric Stewart Group of Long & Foster

One of the unique services offered by the Eric Stewart Group is a coaching service, which we call our “Quiet Listing.”  Did you know that homeowners who use our Quiet Listing feature sell faster and for higher prices?  Here’s how you can benefit from our strategy.

As full-time top-selling agents, we see homes every day that are priced too low, or that sell and settle for less than market value.  We see homes that aren’t marketed professionally to receive maximum exposure to potential buyers, and we see homes that linger on the market for months/years.  We also see homes that suffer from disrepair and neglect.  Frustrated sellers in situations like these might have benefited greatly from an advance step-by-step plan, which includes constant coaching and communication throughout the entire process, rather than from simply hiring the cheapest agent.  That agent may only be interested in making a fast commission.  We'd all like to walk away from a deal with the most money possible, but often paying less up front can cost you more in the long run.  Let's explore further.

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Well in advance of the actual home sale, the Eric Stewart Group offers our clients loyalty, care, and obedience.  Every day, we freely share valuable tips and resources for “rightsizing,” marketing, and pricing your home.  We guide you in making penny-wise renovation or repair choices.  We advise you on selecting and financing your next home whether the goal is to stay in the area or move afar.  We coach you calmly and knowledgeably through every step, and sometimes hurdle, of a home sale. 

This enhanced level of customer service goes above and beyond what many other agents offer; our advanced services cost you nothing but will save you money, time and stress.  Both you, and your home (often the most prized asset you own) should be treated with respect. 

Doesn’t it make sense to plan ahead to avoid costly surprises that can occur by cutting corners?  If, on the other hand, you can be satisfied with a lesser-quality customer experience, or a bargain-style arrangement with a realtor who may not be fully committed to serving YOUR best interests, read no further.  The Eric Stewart Group demands a higher level of client satisfaction.

Interested in Maximum Return?  Minimum Stress?  You owe it to yourself to talk to us.  Our coaching process begins with a free in-home consultation where we answer all of your concerns and create a thoughtful timeline together.  Because it is never too early to plan ahead, our initial meeting can occur up to three years in advance of your projected move date.  Those who delay or forego planning can suffer the financial consequences at the settlement table. 

At the Eric Stewart Group, we are always AT YOUR SERVICE.  If you’d like to have more details about how we coach and serve our clients with the Quiet Listing strategy, let’s talk further.

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