Learn About The Joys Of Downsizing and Retirement Living Via Our Blog Feature
Eric Stewart

By: Eric Stewart on October 22nd, 2015

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Learn About The Joys Of Downsizing and Retirement Living Via Our "Senior Moments" Series

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Are you a senior, or an adult child of a senior, who has procrastinated on downsizing because it just seems too overwhelming or intimidating? You have accumulated a lifetime of memories and personal possessions that you don’t want to lose. Yet, it has become harder to maintain your current home and the neighborhood has undergone a generational turnover, with older friends and neighbors selling their homes to younger families. To give you the spark and motivation to downsize, or as we like to say, open the door to a new season of life, check out our new “Senior Moments” series as aired on The Eric Stewart Show

This light-hearted 10 part series highlights a fictitious family in which the adult children help their respective parents with the decision to downsize and move into a retirement community. Listen in as the senior parents come to the realization that downsizing is the right option, explore various retirement living communities, and land on the perfect choice, an over the top continuing care retirement community, called Versailles Meadows, complete with multiple 5-star restaurants, lake, gondolas, pool, water slides, golf course, tennis courts, bowling alley, and access to a yacht. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Along the way, the children and parents discuss how to part with treasured items, identify what amenities are important in a retirement community, sell a home for top dollar, and even find true love later in life! Fully acted with sound effects, this series will put a smile on your face and may give you the “push” you need to jumpstart your next phase in life.

To listen to the entire series, click here. 

For a real-life experience on the joys of downsizing and retirement living, I encourage you to read Views: My Mother, The Coed, a recent article that was published in Parade Magazine. In this essay, author Nancy Berk discusses the exhilaration she felt when her mother was accepted at her first choice retirement community, comparing it to how a parent feels when their child is accepted to an Ivy League school. She then goes on to discuss the transformation in her mother’s life since making the transition, including new dining adventures, exercise classes, and a thriving social life. As Berk says, “She is living proof that happiness isn’t about how many rooms of stuff you have. I think that’s because most of our great memories don’t take up much space, which means there’s plenty of room for making new ones.”

For guidance on the downsizing process, contact the senior real estate specialists at the Eric Stewart Group. We have over 27 years of experience helping seniors 55+ downsize from a larger home to a smaller residence across the metro area. For additional insights on how to preserve your memories, sort through your stuff, and prep your current home for sale, download our FREE Rightsizing Guide

For more information on buying and selling and everything in between, listen to The Eric Stewart Show every Sunday from 7am – 8am on WMAL AM 630 or 105.9 FM. If you miss a show, don’t fret! You can access the archived shows here.


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