Do You Need a Bigger House?

Rachel Harclerode July 30, 2020

Realtor® Robert Garcia recently discussed a popular question he’s been seeing from buyers during the global pandemic: do I need a bigger home? Check out the video and description below to hear what Robert’s advice is for those considering moving to a bigger home!


Robert Garcia Exploring the Question: Do I Need a Bigger Home?


Hi everybody, Robert Garcia here, Director of Sales and Operations of the Eric Stewart Group of Long & Foster. It has been about 90-120 days since COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic worldwide. And we have learned new things with the pandemic speaking from the real estate perspective. 


So working with buyers and sellers, we get all kinds of questions. But this one comes from buyers that we work with every day, and the question is: now that we have a new normal, should we upgrade to a bigger house? 


Well, chances are that you have the privilege to work from home, and need the space for a formal home office, as well as if you have kids you may need the space for homeschooling, or a hybrid format that will start in the fall. So if you don’t have the space that you need for the new normal of working from home, the changes are that you should probably think about upgrading to a house that’s maybe a three-level house with a fully finished basement or a partially finished basement where you can put your office. Or maybe if you have a lot of rooms upstairs that you don’t need, then you can consider making one of the spare bedrooms your office moving forward. So you can have conferences, calls, Zoom video meetings, and so on. That should be something that you should make a priority. 


Now if you have a house that fits the space that you need for now and you don’t need to upgrade, maybe think of improvements, refinancing your property, and looking ahead for the future in terms of what kind of upgrade you should be doing.


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If you want to learn more about buying a bigger house or upgrading the house that you have, we have a series of webinars that are coming up. I invite you to visit our webinar registration page and to explore that and register for one of our upcoming webinars. 


Also remember that if you are a buyer that is working with one of us, you do have access to our exclusive inventory. This is inventory that you will not find on Zillow,, or Redfin. This is exclusive to the Eric Stewart Group agents, so let us know what type of property you want, the area, and the price point, and there is a chance that we already have that property listed and coming on the market.


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