Eric Stewart’s Radio Show Recap: Seniors Solutions

Rachel Harclerode September 1, 2020

Check out this brief recap of Eric Stewart’s radio show that aired on August 16th on 105.9 FM WMAL! Eric discussed when it is appropriate for an agent to participate with their own commission to get a deal finished, and he speaks to Helen Flynn, Realtor® and SRES®, about the difference between staging and decluttering.


The Eric Stewart Show: Radio Recap Segment 2

  • On this segment, Eric answers the question: when should a real estate agent participate with their own commission in getting a contract finished?
  • Although it is an uncommon situation, Eric describes a time he found it appropriate to use his commission to assist with a seller’s contract.
  • In this example, there were some things that had to happen during the inspection phase in order for Eric’s client to move to their new home. “Sometimes people’s lives are more important than money,” Eric says. He recognized his clients could go no further in this situation, and he deemed it appropriate to step in and make his clients’ lives a little easier.
  • Eric also describes an inappropriate time for an agent to participate with their own commission: when someone asks for a favor as a friend.
  • Eric goes on to speak with Helen Flynn, a Realtor® and SRES®, about staging and decluttering.
  • Helen suggests making decluttering a routine activity in order to make the process a little easier. We often don’t realize how easily we’ve accumulated items over the years!
  • We have a fantastic stager and our group provides that to you as our client.
  • Don’t forget about our upcoming webinars, which you can find here! Eric will go more in-depth on staging, decluttering, and much more within these webinars.


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