Good News Happening in the DMV

Rachel Harclerode May 28, 2020

With COVID-19 constantly dominating the news, it’s hard to come by good, light-hearted stories. But happy stories are out there!

We put together this list of some happy and fun stories around the DMV that we hope brighten your day. It’s important to remember that there’s still life to enjoy amid the coronavirus, and these stories provide that exact reminder.

Stevensville Woman Offers Passersby Free Flowers
In Stevensville, MD, a woman named Rona Werner has set up a table of flowers at the end of the driveway and offers them to passersby for free. She said, “I thought in this time of the pandemic, there’s so much sadness, it would be nice for people to feel joy.” A small act of kindness goes a long way, and we love the simplicity of this act of generosity!

Kids Read to Therapy Dogs
The DC nonprofit People Love Animals has had to add over 120 new reading slots to their now virtual program because so many kids are signing up to read to therapy dogs!

Unique Way to Encourage Social Distancing
Fish Tales, a bayside restaurant in Ocean City, MD, is rolling out bumper tables to ensure social distancing as they open back up for dine-in business. The tables, made by a company in Baltimore, are a fun and creative way to keep people six feet apart!

Montgomery County Almost Ready to Open
Here’s some great news for Montgomery County residents! The county has seen a decline in COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations over the past two weeks and will most likely reopen gradually over the coming weeks.

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Local Teacher Joins Firefighters
Prince George’s County teacher Jordyn Goddard recently went from beauty pageants to firefighter. “No way! I mean my job, and our job here, is to help people in their times of need, and that’s what we’re here to do,” she says. How great it is to see people passionately switch to such a noble profession!

Student Develops a Mask Finder
A University of Maryland student made the most out of her situation when she was laid off from her job during the pandemic. She decided to create a tool that would help people in the DC area locate masks. Saba Tshibaka wanted to make masks more accessible in these trying times, so she developed where people can find local mask makers.

The Air Force Thunderbirds Welcome First Black, Female Officer
One of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds’ newest members is its first black, female officer. Captain Remoshay Nelson calls it an “absolute honor” and has been a part of the team flying over DC and Baltimore to honor those personally affected by the pandemic.

First COVID-19 Patient Treated with Plasma Returned Home
Federal Pentagon Officer Patrick Bright spent weeks in the hospital and in a coma battling COVID-19, but he recently returned home and received an incredible welcoming from his neighbors and coworkers. He was the first patient in the DC area to be treated with and recovered from plasma treatment.

Send Text Messages to Frontline Heroes
There is a new service, Texts for Humanity, that allows people to send encouraging text messages to frontline workers and people living in isolation. The service is completely free and is enabled by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and regular text. You can text JOIN to 37352 and start sending messages of thanks and support to others!


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