Home Buying Guide

As the top listing team in DC, Maryland and Virginia we have access to listings you won't find anywhere else.

Step 1

Why Choose the Eric Stewart Group?

With a proven track record of satisfied clients over the past few decades, we consistently rank in the top real estate teams in the nation. Most of all, we are Area Experts. As one of the highest producing real estate teams in Maryland, we have a vast knowledge of the local communities and are able to find the best-fit areas for our clients. Dedicated to listening to your wants and needs, we negotiate strongly on your behalf, while helping you fulfill your real estate dreams. Our members are all full-time agents who pride themselves on removing stress from the home-buying process. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations.

Step 2

Why You Should Meet With a Realtor® BEFORE Seeing Homes:

We want to make sure we have 100% clarity on your needs and expectations so that the process is as efficient as possible for you.  By meeting first, it helps us to determine those needs up front, which in turn allows us to save you time (and stress).  It will help educate and empower you in the home buying process and give you a chance to ask any questions you have about the process.  By having an initial consultation, my clients save money on the home they are buying, purchase in less time, and it’s a less stressful process overall.  Our goal by the end of our first meeting is that you, too, are an expert.

Step 3

The Showing Process

Since we have discussed your wants and needs at the original consultation, now it’s just a matter of showing you only the homes that meet your exact criteria.  When we view homes, we will see a manageable number at a time.  This will make it easier for you to zero in on finding your new home.  During each showing, we will ask your thoughts on every aspect of the property.  If it is not the home for you, that’s okay!  It’s meant to give us clarity on your needs.  We will make a commitment not to show you similar homes down the road, thus saving you time and frustration.

Step 4

The Benefits of Working with an Amazing Lender

Our lender partners go the extra mile for our clients to make sure they are satisfied with every aspect of the loan process.  Working with a local lender also allows you the benefit of being able to sit down with someone face-to-face to ask questions, voice concerns, and gain understanding along the way.  As with all phases of the purchase, the buyer is in charge.  If you have already been pre-qualified with a local lender, we look forward to introducing ourselves and working with them.  If you need to be referred, I have several I have worked with in the past who do great work.  Either way, getting the financing process started before seeing homes is vital.

Step 5

Understanding the Purchase Contract

We will walk you through the process of understanding the contract timelines, explain what upfront costs you can expect, etc.  When we meet at our initial consultation, we discuss how the process works and what is expected of buyers to make for a smooth purchase process.  We will discuss the contract and all related contingencies in full detail, and we will also answer any questions you have.

Step 6

Understanding the Inspection Process

This is your time to not only have a complete inspection done, but to also question any related items, utilities, etc.  We will also discuss how to properly maintain the property over time so that you keep the highest value over the years.

Step 7

The “Sit & Wait” Period

This time after your home inspection and appraisal are complete is what we call our “down time”.  You can expect to be asked to provide documents to your lender (sometimes more than once) to complete the loan process, obtain homeowner’s insurance, etc.  Our office will keep you posted during this time as to the status of repairs you may have requested the seller to complete, when to set up utilities at your new home, and, of course, we’ll be scheduling a final walk-through of the property prior to settlement.  We will make sure your lender has your loan rolling, that the title company has all documentation necessary, and more.

We are excited to get the process started and we look forward to our first meeting!