Home Tips: How to Prepare for Fall & Winter

Jessica Martin September 20, 2018

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Maintaining a home is no easy task. From appliances to floors and windows, a home owner’s job is never done. That’s why it’s important to keep up with routine home maintenance and to prepare in case there’s a major job that needs to be done. We know summer is nearly over when the kids start packing up their backpacks. The upcoming months can cause havoc on your home if you’re unprepared! Here are our Top Tips to ensure you are ready for fall and winter.  In this update, we include a short video from Eric discussing what could happen if you don’t turn off your outside faucets in the winter!

  1. Check for Drafts

It’s no secret that temperatures drop during fall and winter. We get used to the fresh air and breezes of spring, and a draft is often welcome during summer, but from September through February, often, a draft can be misery. Save energy and stay warm by checking windows and doors for cracks. If you find one, caulk it.

  1. Clear out the Gutters & Drain Outdoor Faucets

Your gutters and drainpipes need to be cleared in order to prevent clogging if temperatures drop below zero. Check your outdoor faucets, too. Turn off the water going outside and drain the pipes to ensure they don’t freeze and burst as temperatures plummet. I know from personal experience, this clean up isn’t fun. It makes for a major surprise when you go to water your outdoor plants in the spring!

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  1. Check the Heating System (including Water Heater)

Clean out heating vents, make sure they’re dust-free and not blocked or covered. Replace air filters. If you find yourself coughing and sneezing, it might not be a cold – it could, in fact, be dust particles from an unchanged air filter. That defeats the purpose of an air filter, doesn’t it? Prep your water heater by removing any debris that might have settled in the tank.

  1. Inspect your Roof

If your roof isn’t in good shape right now, think about what it will be like when you have ice, rain, snow, and wind coming down. Not to mention the temperature changes and humidity! It’s better to discover your leaky roof now, while there’s time to fix it, than to have a massive issue when the first snow storm comes.

  1. Re-pave or Seal your Driveway

 It’s recommended you seal your driveway every two to three years. According to AAA Sealcoating and Paving, the average lifespan of a driveway without sealing is only 15 years. Take a walk down your driveway and notice if there are any cracks that need to be filled or repairs that need to be made. When snow comes, you don’t want to shovel your driveway and realize you accidentally lifted up a loose piece of asphalt!

  1. Prepare your Deck

Take a look at your deck supports and check for peeling paint. It might just need a fresh coat to protect it from the harsh months, or you might need to help the foundation. In certain areas of heavy snowfall, if your deck has a weak foundation you could be risking a collapse. In order to avoid shoveling every hour during snowfall to ensure it doesn’t put too much pressure on weak supports, now is a good time to remedy the situation. Put away deck furniture and those top-of-the-line barbecues in a safe, secure location.

Check out this short video explaining what happens if you forget to turn off your water in the winter!

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