How Do You Know It’s Time To Move?

Helen Flynn January 31, 2019

Contributed by Helen Flynn, Realtor® & SRES®, with the Eric Stewart Group of Long & Foster

January is a time for new resolutions, lists, changes, dreams, and plans.

Here we are again in January wondering what this new year will bring.  Many times last year clients would tell me they were thinking about making a move “next year” or  “next spring”. Perhaps you are thinking about thinking about making a move.  I am often asked the question, “How will I know it is time?”


The first clue is when you actually start thinking about it; going to seminars or luncheons to gather more information; talking with friends who have made the transition.  Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we continue to age as the calendar rolls on and with age comes some changes that may indicate it is time to move.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1.  Are the stairs becoming more and more difficult as you go to the basement to do the laundry and upstairs to sleep? Are you spending much of your time in just a few rooms and the rest are expensive storage areas?
  2.  Do you have health problems that will become progressively worse as the years go on?
  3.  Is maintaining the interior and exterior of your home no longer a joy, but a burden?
  4.  Are you paying taxes and utilities on several hundred square feet that you don’t really use anymore?
  5.  Has your neighborhood changed so much that you hardly know anyone and you are becoming more and more isolated in your own home?
  6.  Are your kids and grandkids no longer nearby and travel is becoming more difficult for you?
  7.  Is driving becoming more difficult and getting to the store or church a major undertaking?
  8.  Are you safe in your current home? Can you easily get emergency help?
  9.  Does your home wrap its arms around you and make you happy?
  10.  Are family members, medical people, or friends suggesting you should make a move?
  11.  Are you just ready to make a change, move to a warmer climate, have fewer maintenance chores, and want more fun in your life?

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These are some of the questions to ponder, to discuss with your spouse or children, and put pen to paper with your thoughts.  You may have looked at these questions and decided that for now you will stay right where you are and that’s OK.

Next time I will have 2 more questions for you in subsequent blogs to start you on your way.

Here is a hint: What are your options, and what is stopping you?

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