How Do You Pick a Real Estate Agent?

Jessica Martin April 5, 2018

If you’ve been with us before, you’ll know right away that we have a method to finding the right REALTOR® for you.  In the Market Ready Guide, you’ll find 10 Questions You Should Ask a Realtor Before You Hire One.  This, we believe, is a cornerstone to your real estate agent search. but there’s more to take into consideration.  Do you know what it is? 

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We understand how difficult it is to pick the right agent.  At the Eric Stewart Group, we’re so confident in our services that we want you to speak with other agents.  We want you to exhaust your options so you will be confident with your choice – hopefully, us.  Here is a brief checklist you can keep with you when you begin your agent search. 

Research Reviews & Talk with Former Clients

It’s helpful to find out how former clients react to your prospective Realtor®.  Reviews and testimonials speak volumes to a Realtor’s® presence and skills (for example, our team has a 5 star rating with 135 reviews).  We’ve found that if a client was treated properly, they won’t mind filling out a quick form to tell us how we did!  If you speak with former clients here are a few questions you can ask: did your agent get you the right price you were looking for?  How long was the home on the market?  What location are you in?  Do a little digging and make sure the agent you’re interviewing has expertise in your local area!  That brings us to our next point ….

Look at the Realtor’s® Online Presence

Do they have an attractive web presence?  In the current state of the internet, home searches begin online.  If you’re looking for a selling agent, internet presence is important.  Is the website user friendly?  Do they have a social media presence?  Where do they reach?  Using the internet effectively is an important tool in a Realtor’s® arsenal.  While you’re looking into their current listings, you must also take into consideration their experience

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What’s the Realtor’s® Experience?

If the agent does not have experience working with your price range, back away before it’s too late!  As a buyer in a seller’s market, you need experienced agents who know how to help you fight against multiple contracts on your dream home.  Someone who is just starting out in the business might be smart and savvy, but they most likely won’t have the strengths or insights on how to fight against 3 full price offers on the same home.  As with experience, we think it’s OK that a Realtor® might not have too many current listings in a certain area.  Instead, take a look at where they have sold properties in the past.  For example, take a look at the heat map below for our sales from the past year. 

Screenshot (19)

Want to click on the map and do a little more research for yourself?  Take a look here

Ask for their Credentials

There are many different designations for Realtors® .  Depending on what you’re looking for, you can see what an agent specializes in based on their designations and extra certifications; for example, all members of our Seniors Solutions Team are SRES® certified.  The SRES® designation is for Seniors Real Estate Specialists, which means these Realtors know how to ethically serve the real estate needs of clients age 50+.  There are a few more designations, including: Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®),  Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs), and Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB).  You can read more about the many possible designations and certifications right here.

These are only a few more questions to place in your folder when meeting with potential agents.  Know what you want do to – if you’re buying or selling and the amount you want to spend or sell for.  

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