How do you sell a luxury home?

Eric Stewart August 2, 2018

The high value of luxury homes comes from the unique perks they offer, and selling any home entails communicating its value for the price. When people seek luxury, they search for amenities like tennis courts, a pool, a magnificent view, a coveted location, and an expansive lot. The more high-end amenities a home offers, the stronger the perception of its luxury status.

luxury homeEvery good real estate agent sells value based on LACA™ – location, amenities, cost, and accessibility. But after 30 years of selling luxury homes, I’ve learned that a true expert knows how to effectively craft a narrative that conveys to the consumer what it’s like to live in that property. Listing agents with marketing knowledge and talent, combined with years of real estate experience, know how to emphasize the features that will make prospective buyers swoon.

As a seller of a luxury home, you want to create intrigue based on uniqueness and exclusivity, planting a seed in the consumer’s mind that if they don’t buy this product – your luxury home – they will miss out. A carefully crafted message, a deluxe, tri-fold brochure, an online video tour, and a promotion of your property on the radio will capture interest that will prompt showings, where your agent will personally present the value proposition.

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For a luxury property, where you’re appealing to a narrow audience, a sale often takes longer. You’re not simply installing a lock box and allowing neighborhood agents to show your product. You’re going to the house and personally conducting tours with special attention to all of the details that make the house unique, and therefore valuable.

Luxury isn’t just about property; it’s a lifestyle. Owners of upscale homes buy upscale products and expect their homes to be sold with a similar air of opulence. You want potential buyers to know that living in your home means enjoying exceptional amenities that elevate their quality of life to a new sphere. When your environment responds to verbal commands, you can step out of your waterfall shower onto a heated bathroom floor, and your leisurely walk through your wine cellar ends with the perfect bottle to enjoy next to your infinity pool . . . you know you’re living in luxury.

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