Stage An Older Home With These Cost-Effective Tips

Eric Stewart September 8, 2016

Older Home

According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, 95% of homes that are staged sell, on average, in 11 days or less versus 90 days for homes that are not staged. Staged homes also sell for 17% more money. Staging makes a living space more attractive, and accentuates the positives and minimizes the negatives of a home. Owners of older properties may think that staging will be too burdensome or cost too much money. However, there are a few cost-effective ways to brighten and modernize an older house while still keeping the home’s history and integrity intact.

Vivian Gilbert, owner of Home Staging By Vivian and one of our preferred staging vendors, provides some useful tips, which are discussed below.

Homeowners with older homes may have great properties with “good bones” and unique histories that smart buyers will snatch up. Those same owners with one-of-a-kind gems on their hands can also face some challenges in making their home’s space seem fresh and up-to-date for prospective buyers. Challenges can turn to advantages with just a few smart and affordable touches. 

A bathroom with older fixtures can be brightened and updated with fluffy, new all-white linens, a white waffle-weave shower curtain, and colorful art. Cabinets in the bath and the kitchen can be painted and have dated door pulls swapped out with on-trend hardware available at the local home improvement store. 

An addition to the original home may have multiple wall textures, which can be painted the same neutral color to make the space seem less tacked on and more integrated, with improved flow from the spaces adjacent to it. You can also brighten up dated and dark rooms using some of these suggestions.

New bedding in the master bedroom is always a great idea, especially if it has that upscale hotel look. It will say “welcoming retreat” to any prospective buyer, and their comfort with the space is more likely to reinforce a decision to buy.

Some of the standard rules of staging still apply and often become more important:    

  • All those nooks and crannies should be clean as a whistle. 
  • Spaces that are dark should have added lighting, if removing heavy curtains doesn’t brighten it up sufficiently.
  • Problematic flooring such as mismatched hardwood can be covered with an attractive and stylish area rug.

Owners that are selling a historic home can also create a brief history of the home, including photos, and leave it for prospective buyers to peruse.

Other Tips To Prepare For Your Home Sale

At the Eric Stewart Group of Long & Foster, we offer a complimentary consultation with a professional stager to all of our seller clients. To learn more about what you can do to prepare for a home sale, download our FREE Market Ready Guide, which provides information on when houses sell the fastest, how to determine your asking price, which improvements will give the best return for the smallest investment, and much more! And, if you need suggestions for additional vendors to get your home in tip-top shape, download our Preferred Vendor Guide.




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