Grace Galay

Grace Galay

Inside Sales Associate

C: 240 720 7593

Hi, I am Helen Grace Galay, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I have 11 years of experience in Sales, Customer Service, and Training. My past position has taught me the importance of clear communication and excellent customer service.


I am a goal and results-oriented team player who is reliable and experienced in handling customers’ inquiries regarding products and services. I am an excellent ambassador for the company and can create a professional first impression that clients appreciate and remember.


In everything I do, I always give my best shot. I am dedicated to working hard, sacrificing, and learning from failures to achieve success. I never give up on achieving my goals. My motto: Persistence always leads to success.


Travelling is my life and source of happiness. Life is too short, and the world too wide. So go, fly, roam, travel, explore, and discover.

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