Keely Doherty

Keely Doherty


C: 301-642-4426

Licensed in: Maryland

Branded “Red Bull” by Eric Stewart himself, Keely works passionately, tirelessly, and fiercely to win the best deals for her clients. She is a master at speaking kindly and honestly; always smiling, she knows how to put both her clients and countering parties at ease. 


Before Keely sailed into the swirling waters of Covid-Era Real Estate and joined the Eric Stewart Group, she spent eight years as a nationally-acclaimed cosmetologist. When her clients scratch their heads and wonder aloud at such a seemingly disjointed career switch, she happily explains that the deep trust, peace, and positivity she aims to instill in her clients has not changed simply because she is no longer behind the chair. She listens carefully and asks thoughtful questions to best understand her client’s individual needs and concerns. 


Born and raised between Montgomery and Frederick Counties, Keely knows her hometowns like the back of her hand. She has watched her entire life as the counties of mid-Maryland have grown and developed over the years. Not only licensed in Maryland, Keely also practices Real Estate in Washington D.C. and Virginia. Keely knows the District and Northern Virginia as intimately as any native thereof; born into a big family of lifelong DC natives and greater Washington area residents, she grew up traveling all over DC and Virginia to visit family and friends and continues to do so today. 

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