Home Buying Inspection – Do I Need One? [Video Explanation]

Eric Stewart September 13, 2022

During the short time you may spend walking through a house, you aren’t going to know enough about the property to make an educated decision.  That’s where a home buying inspection comes in.


Sell As Is

If you’re buying a home, you may have wondered if a home inspection contingency is really necessary. With the current market conditions favoring sellers, it may be tempting to waive this contingency to compete better against other buyers. Our advice, however, is to not do this!


Home inspections allow you the opportunity to find any issues–big or small–that you may want to take care of before you move in. You may even decide to terminate the deal and find another house if the inspection comes back with undesirable results. One of our recent clients, for example, waived their home inspection contingency against our guidance. They ended up facing a $12,000 repair after moving in!


We don’t want this to happen to you, so don’t waive this contingency! Check out this video from Realtor® Robert Garcia for more insight on the significance of home inspections.

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