Who Has Time To Sell Their Home? You Do And Here’s Why.

Sara Foulkes November 8, 2018

Contributed by Sara Foulkes, Realtor®, eric stewart group of Long & Foster

When there are 100 reasons not to do something, what is it that compels you to go ahead and do it anyway? That’s right, I’m talking about the headache that is selling your home and moving to a new one. My name is Sara Foulkes, and this is how my family moved with three kids and a new puppy — and why it was worth it.

Sara FoulkesThree years ago, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and call our realtor to discuss listing our home so we could buy a new one. We were living in a nice neighborhood for the past 7 years, but came to the realization that our life (and by our life, I mean our kids’ lives) had taken us about 10 miles south of where we were living. I know it sounds trivial, but that extra 20 minutes in the car (thank you, speed cameras) multiple times a day driving to school, play dates, and practices, added up quickly both in gas prices and extra miles on the car. Giant gas rewards can only get you so far.

Our agent came to our house and while we sat through his listing presentation it seemed that the process of prepping our home and putting it on the market would be very manageable.  We were in control. We could decide when our house was available to be shown, how much advance notice we would have before buyers arrived and how accessible we wanted our home to be. Sounded easy enough, right?

sara2-404086-editedAny good agent will tell you that when you’re trying to sell your home you need to make it easily available and accessible at all times. You want buyers to be able to see it in a moment’s notice. Your home should be kept tidy and clean. The prospective buyer should walk in and be able to picture themselves and their things in your space. You should keep all the lights on so it appears bright and inviting. Make sure it smells nice – strong odors, either good or bad, turn people off. OK, this all sounds doable. I can do anything for a few weeks. I’m on board!!

Well, do you want to know who wasn’t on board? My three kids, my new puppy, and my husband who travels for work every week. I’m going to do us all a favor and not address the “odor” issue, however, the keeping tidy and clean at all times was PAINFUL – a full time job. I was constantly putting shoes away and never letting a dirty dish linger in the sink for more than 30 seconds. We had a “go-bag” packed at all times that rivaled the best survivalists’. Pleasantly scented candles were lit throughout the house to neutralize the smells coming from my little angels because no, I didn’t have time to bake chocolate chip cookies every day. Oh, P.S. please don’t forget to blow the candles out before you run out of the house like your pants are on fire because someone is coming to see your house for a second time!

For the most part, every showing was exciting and welcomed because the potential that thissara1-090058-edited buyer might be “the one” motivated me to show my house in the best light possible. We had seven wonderful years in this house and I wanted to afford someone else the opportunity to have the same. That being said, if I had to eat dinner in my car, with my kids and dog, one more time I was going to lose my mind!!! And don’t get me started on the appointments that didn’t even show up!!

All kidding aside, moving is a royal pain and there are many reasons why it would be easier to just stay put, but let me tell you that when you are living in the perfect house, in the perfect community, close to dear friends and neighbors, all of those long nights in a packed car at the Chick-fil-A drive thru will be nothing but a distant memory.

And when that last box is finally unpacked (unless you’re like me and still have some 3 years later- no judgment please) you will be so thrilled to be in a home that you love.

The best part… you won’t have to go through this process again for a very, very long time!


This post was written by Sara Foulkes, a trusted Realtor® within the Eric Stewart Group. If you’d like to talk to Sara directly, you can email her here or call her at (202) 236-3180. Don’t forget to download our Buyer Savvy Guide below and subscribe to our newsletters, where you’ll receive tips from Sara and our other agents monthly.

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