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Eric Stewart April 12, 2018

Spring has Sprung!  While you may not live in the Potomac area and you may feel that this neighborhood update does not pertain to you, we want to make sure you know the importance of investing in your community.  We’re sure you’re heard about Location, Location, Location from many different sources!  If you want to know how YOUR community might be affecting your home value, contact the Eric Stewart Group today for a free home evaluation even if you’re not in the DC area.  We have resources to help you if you’re from out of state, including Relocation Nation – a company that vets agents in your local area.   Keep reading to learn about events and trending news happening in your area!


We are real estate experts, which means we have our ears to the ground when it comes to events, news, and trending issues in the area.  You can hear all about this and more during Eric’s NEW show Pointing You Home at 8AM on Sunday mornings on WMAL.  Today we will focus on Potomac and certain areas of Washington, DC. 

Potomac, MD

The median price for Potomac, MD homes as of the end of March is just over $1 million.  With its highly rated schools, parks, and access to commuter routes, Potomac is now one of the most sought-after places in the Maryland area.  Potomac has developed from a distant horse community of large homes on even bigger lots to becoming a village close to major commuter routes, nationally recognized schools, and exceptional restaurants, while keeping a quiet feel as road expansion has been resisted, sidewalks added, and quality encouraged. Home has a new meaning in Potomac.

Events & More

Kenwood Cherry Blossom Trails

Find a 10km trail, rated 2A, on the Capital Crescent Trail and on streets through the Kenwood neighborhood.  This trail has hills, making it suitable for strollers but NOT for wheelchairs.  The 5km trail, rated 1A, requires driving 3.2 miles to a different start point. Always make sure you park in legal areas and follow all signs!  The 5km trail is on the streets through the Kenwood neighborhood with beautiful cherry blossoms/spring flowers.  It is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.  Find out more information here.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC – Last day is April 15th! 

Every year surrounding the Tidal Basin on the National Mall, the cherry blossoms take over, and with that is the three-week festival to celebrate Spring.  The Festival isn’t just for show, as the Festival every year draws about 1.5 million people; most of whom are from outside the DC area.  The amount brought to the local market on food, accommodation, and entertainment is estimated around $150 million.  Peak bloom (when over 70% of the blossoms are in bloom) was set for last weekend, but with temperatures finally climbing into the 60’s and 70’s, look for good weather this weekend for the last hurrah for the season.  Find out more information here

Parks & Nature Centers

April is Earth Month!  The weather looks great for Saturday, hovering around 80 degrees and partly sunny.  Consider the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac River. Find out more information on that here

The fantastic Wings of Fancy event begins April 18th at Brookside Nature Center.  Get surrounded by beautiful butterflies from North America, Costa Rica, Africa and Asia. 

If you’re located near Cabin John Regional Park or Wheaton Regional Park, consider taking the little ones to the Eye Spy Trains this weekend!  Tickets are $4, and the trains will take you and your family through the beautiful parks. 

In the News

Maryland’s bid for Amazon may be the largest in the country.  Maryland, along with many other cities, has put together a generous bid for the company to consider them as the home place for their second headquarters.  While other states (DC included) have kept their bids concealed, Governor Larry Hogan introduced the state’s bid in a press conference.  His initial report stated that incentives for Amazon would total $5 billion, including $3 billion in tax incentives and $2 billion for transportation upgrades.  A new report states that it could actually be up to $8.5 billion!  The next highest known bid comes from New Jersey totaling $7 billion.  Wherever Amazon’s second headquarters gets built, that economy can expect to see over 50,000 new jobs created and an overall economy boost into the $10 billion range. 

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